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Facial Aesthetics in Rochester

Choosing Smylique Dentistry for Facial Aesthetics

At Smylique Dentistry, we’re not just interested in healthy teeth. We want you to have a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Quagliata is an expert in the field of Facial Aesthetics. She understands all of the ways that skin, muscle, and bone structure impact your ability to smile. At Smylique dentistry, she’s created an environment that combines excellent dental care with facial aesthetic treatments to support and enhance the effects of your dental work.

What is Facial Aesthetics?

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into improving your teeth. Facial aesthetics is the final step in your quest to have a perfect smile. Techniques that improve your jaw, skin, and facial muscles work together to get you a healthy, glowing smile that draws everyone in the room towards you.

Facial Threading

After you’ve replaced damaged or worn-down teeth for a new, youthful smile, you may realize that your facial skin doesn’t support your new, more energetic look. This can be especially true if you’ve recently increased your activity level and lost weight. Dr. Quagliata has an artist’s eye and uses minimally invasive facial threading to lift sagging eyebrows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and skin along the jawline to give you a younger, more energetic aesthetic and a better smile.

Find out more about Facial Threading at Smylique Dentistry.


Microneedling is a series of treatments that encourages the production of collagen in your facial area. This revives your skin, reduces the size of your pores, reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, and gives your face a more youthful and energetic appearance, invigorating your smile.

Find out more about Micro-needling at Smylique Dentistry.

Botox and Filler Injections

Botox and filler injections can improve facial muscle tone and reduce the number and size of your wrinkles. In addition, properly targeted Botox injections have been shown to help relieve the pain of TMJ. By improving both your jaw function and your facial muscle function, Dr. Quagliata can give you a more beautiful, appealing smile.

Find out more about Botox at Smylique Dentistry.

Do Facial Aesthetics Treatments Hurt?

Dr. Quagliata uses numbing anesthetics so that you’ll stay comfortable during your facial aesthetics treatments. Before any procedure begins, she explains what she’s going to do and how it will feel, so that you can understand what is happening. She also sets expectations as to any recovery time as well how you will feel days, weeks and months after treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Quagliata?

Dr. Qualgliata is both a trained dentist and an artist. She has a deep understanding of the human face, and of how the skin, muscles, and jaws work together to create a beautiful smile.

When you choose Dr. Quagliata for your facial aesthetic treatments, you are choosing to work with an expert. Her office is comfortable and welcoming, has a highly trained team, and because it is a dentist’s office, it’s also clean and safe. You’ll be secure and relaxed knowing that you’re getting professional care in a place that follows all health and safety best practices, with a practitioner who is among the best in her field.

Your smile is an important part of who you are. With facial aesthetics from Smylique Dentistry, you can have your perfect smile.


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