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Facial Threading in Rochester

At our office, we provide dental and cosmetic services that support good oral health and help patients turn back the hands of time to restore a more youthful appearance. With a threading procedure, you can enjoy the benefits of a facelift with a non-surgical procedure that only requires a single, in-office visit.

What is Threading?

Trained and certified in MINT thread lift technology, Dr. Quagliata skillfully places specialized polydioxanone threads under the skin to reduce facial sagging and restores volume to the midface and cheek area. As a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical facelift provides, threading lifts the skin to provide more youthful-looking and naturally attractive facial contours. While the results last for up to six to nine months, this procedure also stimulates the body to produce more collagen to support longer-lasting effects.

How is a threading procedure performed?

During a threading procedure, special dissolvable sutures get strategically placed underneath the skin on either side of the face to diminish sagging in the cheeks, jowls, and jawline. Only a minimal number of dissolvable sutures are required for a visible reduction in facial sagging. And, because the procedure stimulates collagen growth in the area, the aesthetic results are further enhanced over time.

A threading procedure is typically performed in a single office visit under local anesthesia. As a highly effective and satisfying procedure, patients experience a relatively quick reduction in facial sagging and results that continue to improve in the months following treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thread Lift?


Thread lift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to lift saggy-looking skin on your face and neck areas. This technique is performed with unique absorbable sutures under the skin using a fine needle or cannula. Until very recently, the only way you could lift your jowls or brows was with a face-lift. Indra Quagliata, DDS, uses threads to give your face a lift and a more youthful look without invasive surgery.

How Does a Thread Lift Work?


There are different types of absorbable threads used for a thread lift procedure. Dr. Quagliata is certified in MINT thread lift technology. Using barbed PDO (polydioxanone) threads a thread lift will hold your skin in place for up to six-nine months. During the months your PDO threads are in place, as part of healing, your body is producing your own collagen around the threads, which increases your skin’s firmness for a long-lasting youthful look.

How Can You Benefit from a Thread Lift?


Dr. Quagliata offers the thread lift to improve the look of a number of areas of your face and neck. The most common procedures include:

  • Lift sagging eyebrows
  • Lift sagging skin on cheeks
  • Lift deep lines between the mouth and the nose (nasolabial folds)
  • Lift sagging skin around the jawline

Dr. Quagliata is an aesthetics expert and artist, she can create an amazing look for you, using her thread lift techniques.

What can I expect during a thread lift?


A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure, performed in Dr. Quagliata’s office. To ease any discomfort, she begins your treatment by numbing the area. She then uses a fine needle or cannula to insert threads under your skin, which lift sagging skin and anchor it in a desirable place.

You may experience some soreness or bruising after the procedure, but you should be able to resume most of your usual activities after treatment.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Quagliata will go over what to expect during and after your thread lift so you can prepare as needed. To learn more about threads and a face-lift without surgery, call Smylique™ Dentistry today!

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