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Our Dental Team

SMYLIQUE trade  Dentistry | Oral Exams, Juvederm reg  and Digital Radiography


Office Administrator

Introducing Christen, our office administrator!

With a natural flair for interpersonal connections and a keen interest in solving complex challenges, Christen excels in navigating the intricacies of insurance policies. She is passionate about ensuring our patients receive the dental care they deserve by meticulously researching and aligning insurance benefits.

A proud native and resident of the Rochester community, Christen is proud to call the Rochester area home for her family.

SMYLIQUE trade  Dentistry | Dentures, Digital Radiography and TMJ Disorders


Registered Dental Hygienist

Introducing Jennifer, our dedicated dental hygienist! Jennifer's passion for her work is fueled by the diverse array of patients she encounters daily. She loves to engage with people from various backgrounds, listen to their unique stories, and help guide them toward enhanced confidence, health, and aesthetic beauty through dental care.

Jennifer views each day as a new opportunity to positively impact our patients' health. For her, every day is a chance to help patients and change lives. Her compassionate and supportive nature makes her an integral part of our team!

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Practice Administrator

Meet Deanne, our Practice Administrator. She is passionate about supporting our belief that every smile is unique and deserves personalized attention. Deann is pivotal in creating a supportive environment where our team's compassion and commitment to excellence shine through in every patient interaction.

As the practice manager, Deanne is the driving force behind ensuring each visit is not just about dental procedures but fostering a sense of safety and understanding. She has a heart for those who experience dental anxiety. And is devoted to helping patients overcome their apprehensions, ensuring a journey towards a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. Deanne aims to make Smylique synonymous with a haven where each unique smile is crafted with the utmost care, blending health and beauty seamlessly.

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Dental Assistant

Introducing Renee, a key member of our Dental Assistant team at Smylique Dentistry! A native of Oswego County, New York, Renee is essential in supporting Dr. Quagliata and enhancing the patient experience. Her dedication shines through as she expertly assists the doctor in various procedures, ensuring each patient receives the highest standard of care.

Renee finds joy in helping patients realize the smile of their dreams, attentively listening to their aspirations, and guiding them on their journey to dental wellness. She thrives on challenges and seeks out beauty in all aspects of life, whether it's exploring the scenic trails of the Finger Lake region on her days off or assisting our dentists in transforming patient smiles!

SMYLIQUE trade  Dentistry | Facial Threading, Oral Exams and Juvederm reg


Patient Advocate

Brittany is our welcoming smile when you first walk in!

She passionately embraces her role as a patient advocate, focusing on tailoring the patient experience for a comfortable and convenient visit. She firmly believes that a smile is the most beautiful accessory one can wear. And is dedicated to making the journey to a radiant smile seamless and enjoyable. Her goal is to empower individuals to find their confidence through their smiles.

Her love for being part of the collective pride and teamwork at Smylique Dentistry fuels her enthusiasm. Originally from Perkinsville, NY, and having spent considerable time in Greece, Brittany brings a fresh perspective, boundless energy, and unwavering commitment to our office. Outside of the office, Brittany's adventurous spirit leads her on hiking trails in the Adirondacks with her dog, Margo, aspiring to be a 46er and embracing the beauty and challenges of nature.

Our latest patient reviews
SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

"A superb experience. I switched to Dr. Quagliata's office and I have been thrilled. She fixed a broken tooth with a new onlay that was milled the same day onsite."

D.J. -

SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

"I hated going to the dentist. I didn't go unless I had no other option, until I found Dr Quagliata. Now I go regularly and couldn't be more pleased."

T.R. -

SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

"Dr. Quagliata is a skilled dentist who cares about her patients. She is very proactive and does not wait for small problems to become emergencies."

K.S. -

SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

"Dr. Q was saw me right away. I was impressed she wanted to take care of my infected tooth the same day. The procedure was near painless and I'm feeling much better now."

J.M. -

SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

"What an amazing dental experience all thanks to Dr. Quagliata! I was so at ease when the root canal she did was painless. I highly recommend Dr. Quagliata."

S.M. -

SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

"I found Dr. Quagliata to be an exceptional clinician with a caring and sincere personality."

C.S. -


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