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What's it Like Working for SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry?

At SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry, we're devoted to creating beauty and helping our patients. We combine our interests to create beautiful, healthy smiles for everyone who walks through the door. We excel at making our patients feel welcome, safe, and appreciated as we give them the beauty, health, and confidence they need to live their lives well.

Behind the scenes, we’re a team of professionals who support and care for each other. We have fun and joke around, but we come together and focus when our patients need us. We love learning new ways to help keep our patients smiling, and their whole bodies, healthy and beautiful. We embrace continuing education, both as individuals and at group events. We're always growing and improving.

Our team loves coming to work every day. We love the people in the practice and our patients. Most of all, we love having a meaningful career where we can change the world for the better by helping our patients.

We're Always Learning

One way that we help our patients become healthier and more beautiful is by continuously improving our clinical skills. We love to learn and grow. Some of our team’s favorite ways to learn are:

  • From each other! Every one of us has a different skillset, and sharing knowledge makes everyone stronger
  • Team “Lunch and Learns.” These give us a chance to enjoy each other’s company and learn new things.
  • Team meetings. Our meetings are a chance for our team to ask questions, get answers, and troubleshoot routines to improve the office.
  • Whole team trainings. Whether on or off-site, whole team trainings allow us to offer new services to our patients.
  • CE Credits. We all stay up to date on the latest developments in our field so that we can give patients the best possible care.
  • Professional reading, podcasts, and videos. We love it when team members learn something new and share their ideas!
  • Professional education and certification. We all strive to become experts at our jobs, and we support each other in our quest for self-improvement.

Opportunities for You at SMYLIQUE™ Dentistry

Do you have a love for beauty and an eye for detail? Are you interested in a career that builds people up and saves lives? At Smylique Dentistry, you'll have a chance to work with advanced dental and aesthetic technologies to help our patients become confident, beautiful, and healthy.

Our work can be demanding and fast-paced, but you’ll be working with supportive teammates and great management. You'll have chances to master new skills and challenge yourself, but you’ll also be able to connect with patients and help them achieve their dreams. Are you ready to change your life and change the lives of your patients? We currently have the following opportunities available:

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