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Give the Gift of a Sparkling Smile!

December 26, 2022

Christmas is a special time of year. Merriment and cheer abound, and everyone longs to find perfect presents for the ones they love. But gift givers who want to bestow exceptional holiday presents on their loved ones know they must get creative and “think outside the box.” 

Smylique Dentistry offers the dazzling and unique. We have presents and services that are definitely out of the ordinary and offer exceptional results: a beautiful smile. Let us explain! 

What’s not to admire and love about teeth that are attractive and healthy? A gorgeous grin is the first thing that people notice in others when meeting them for the first time. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has the luxury of sporting an impressive smile. If one of more people on your Christmas list are among them, Smylique Dentistry just might have a cosmetic dentistry service that they’ll adore and never expect. Let us further explain! 

You can’t go wrong by putting Smylique Dentistry take-home bleaching kits on your to-buy list. One or more of your friends and relatives will love seeing their teeth get bright and white in the privacy and convenience of their homes! We also have an in-office bleaching service. They’ll love that the process takes only one simple visit.

Here’s another gift of aesthetic dentistry: one or more veneers for someone whose smile is burdened by chips, gaps, stains and other cosmetic imperfections. A veneer is a custom-made shell or a series of shells that fits over exterior dental surfaces. There are several types of veneers, depending on the patient’s needs. There’s no better dental practice in Rochester. 

If someone on your gift list has lost or damaged a tooth to decay, gum disease, a traumatic injury, or simple wear and tear, consider funding a dental implant for him or her. Smylique Dentistry’s Dr. Quagliata will be thrilled to meet with your friend or loved one so she can talk about options. Dental implants look exactly like real teeth!

Smylique Dentistry enhances smiles all year-’round, but it’s more merry and bright at Christmas. And remember that you can always give yourself the gift of a sparkling smile by getting a smile makeover.


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