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Let’s Celebrate–With An Amazing Raffle Giveaway!

October 6, 2022

Smylique Dentistry is celebrating all month long! 

One year ago today we moved to our beautiful new facility here in Rochester. Our facility allows us to provide you with high-quality patient care that we’re known for, where we provide comprehensive dental and cosmetic care with a focus on your comfort.

We’re thrilled to reach our one-year milestone of moving into our new facility, and through the month of October, you’ve got an open invitation to join us as we mark this milestone!

Gifts, Chocolate, and Champagne

What better way to celebrate than with presents? We’re giving away a Sonicare and a Waterpik, and your choice of one of the following: ten units of BOTOX, three fluoride treatments, or one Glo Whitening at Home kit. 

But what’s an anniversary party without champagne and chocolate? October 12 is our official birthday. When you visit us during the month we’ll treat you to champagne and some delicious artisanal chocolate from Hedonist! 

Everyone’s Invited!

It’s easy to win–all you need to do is to come by the office. Patients with October appointments will be automatically entered into the raffle, but you don’t need an appointment to enter. All patients are welcome to visit! Come by and say hello!


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