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SureSmile®: The Choice is Clear!

September 28, 2022

Today, thanks to advances in treatment technology, you can achieve a well-aligned and attractive smile without the need for bulky and noticeable orthodontic appliances!

The SureSmile® advantage

With the SureSmile system of care, the office of Smylique Dentistry can align your smile with orthodontic care that’s more convenient, comfortable, and discreet than ever before. As a completely clear and removable treatment system, SureSmile aligners represent a leading choice in care. 

Whether you need the complete alignment of your smile or the limited correction of a single poorly positioned tooth, SureSmile aligners provide premier quality care from start to finish. Custom fabricated from Essix material, virtually invisible SureSmile aligners efficiently and gently move teeth with the ultimate precision. 

Need more reasons to choose SureSmile aligners? The SureSmile system also offers a compatible home device to help accelerate treatment and a tooth whitening system for enhanced results.

Why choose SureSmile over direct-to-consumer aligners?

Although direct-to-consumer aligners systems promising more affordable solutions and remote treatment can sound tempting, consistently successful, healthy, and stable outcomes require the in-person professional oversight of a skilled and experienced dentist. With SureSmile treatment, Dr. Quagliata provides the expert and personalized care needed to address the unique requirements of every smile.

It’s never too late to straighten your smile.

Integrated innovative technology and advanced materials make the SureSmile system an excellent choice for patients looking to align and improve their smiles. With SureSmile aligners, a well-aligned and beautiful smile is just around the corner! 

Providing skilled, experienced, and trusted care

At the office of Smylique Dentistry, we value your trust and the investment you have made in your smile. As a skilled provider of care, Dr. Quagliata understands the complexities of oral function, facial harmony, and aesthetics. 

For more information on improving your smile with SureSmile aligners, or if you’d like to hear more about our many services, give us a call today!


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