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Some Insights And Advice For Oral Health Month

June 22, 2022

With June designated as Oral Health Month in the United States, it's a great time to give your smile the thought and attention it deserves. Remember, a healthy smile is more than just an attractive asset; it's also essential to your overall well-being. 

A healthy smile depends on good oral care.

There's no secret formula to maintaining good oral health and a smile you can feel confident sharing. It's all a matter of establishing a good home care regimen, making wise dietary choices, and partnering with our office for checkups, cleanings, and care.

Supporting healthy smiles and whole-body wellness

At Smylique Dentistry, you can feel confident your smile and those of your loved ones are in the best of hands. We offer a broad spectrum of services to help patients look their best and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of healthy, beautiful smiles.

As a skilled and experienced dentist, Dr. Quagliata emphasizes the importance of preventive care and giving patients the guidance and resources they need to maintain healthy smiles that support whole-body wellness. She considers all aspects of her patients' health when developing treatment plans to meet their dental and cosmetic needs.

The oral health and systemic health connection

Today, researchers are finding more and more links between poor oral health and several medical issues. And, if that's not enough reason to make appointments for routine dental checkups and care, consider the reverse is also true. More than 90% of all systemic diseases can manifest signs and symptoms in the oral cavity. 

Experienced care you can trust

As your trusted partner in care, Dr. Quagliata's top priority is to help you and every family member establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Remember, it's important not to hold off contacting our office until you're in terrible pain or think there's something wrong. By scheduling a routine appointment for a comprehensive dental checkup and professional cleaning at Smylique Dentistry, we can help you maintain optimal oral health and give you a smile you're confident sharing! 


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